Prank calls: a harmless joke? They can get you into jail

Beware of prank calls
Do you know, who’s calling?

What would you do if a stranger called you and said that your child has been kidnapped? Before you start freaking out, better think this through. Because maybe you’ve just become a victim of a malicious prank call. And you’re not the only one.

Prank calls are on the rise. Only in last few weeks, millions of people all around the world have been fooled by some of today’s most popular prank call apps. Which is not a good news: an unrecognized prank call may end in tragedy.

In this post, we cover:

Prank calls: a harmless joke?

At first sight, these so called „prank call apps” (or prank call websites) may look like a harmless joke. You download an app, choose a scenario and a „target” and the app will make the call for you. And of course, it records it, as well. Funny, huh?

In fact, not really. The app usually contains a lot of different scenarios: from neighbours, who (reportedly) happened to hear you loud sex, to threats to your children’s life. And here’s the problem: it’s often really hard to reveal the phone call as a prank.

Did you know…

… that every 7th phone call made in USA is a spam?

Although the quality of prank calls made by an app is usually very bad, when catched at the wrong time, the victim doesn’t stand a chance. Which, considering the scenario’s topics, may end up really badly: with tears or even at a police station.

Don’t let them make a fool of you

Befare of prank calls, it't hard not to get fooledAlthough there are still people, who consider prank calls fun, prank calls are, in fact, a scam. And you have a right to protect yourself. And your family as well.

To avoid not only prank calls, but also other kinds of phone scam, get a free spam blocker like the Should I Answer app. It’s used by millions of people all around the world and it will get you rid of all annoying calls. For good.