Beware: every 7th phone call made in USA is a spam. Here’s how to protect yourself

Spam calls in USA are on the riseDo you live in the United States? Then beware: statistically, every 7th call you receive is a spam or a fraud call.

In the last 30 days, the Should I Answer has checked more than 20 millions phone calls made in United States. We looked at them more closely. And what we’ve found out is shocking.

The statistics has shown that almost every 7th phone call made in USA is a spam, marketing or even a fraud call. It’s a bad news: since although there is the National Don Not Call Registry, the spammers are more and more insolent.

As their targets, they often choose the most defenceless and trusting (as the recent case of systematic grandparent scam has shown). Also, they rely on different kinds of scam tactics. Recently, one the most popular has been „spoofing a number“: a tactic of changing the phone number you see on a display of your phone.

Get a free protection

To defend yourself against these fraud tactics is almost impossible (although there are some steps to make yourself less „visible“ for scammers).

The best way how to protect your time (and money, as well) is to get a free spam blocker. Unlike National Don Not Call Registry, the scammers do not have a option to ignore it. Since the spam blocker will always recognize them. And block them from your life completely 🙂

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