Here’s what you were reporting at

Block spam callsIn the past 18 years of the National Do Not Call Registry, those of you signed up for the registry have reported millions upon millions of unwanted sales calls over the years. Here’s a quick look at what you’ve reported.

68 percent of the 5 million calls you reported were robocalls. Another 32 percent were live calls.

The most common topic of the calls you reported was imposters, from call from scammers pretending to be the Social Security to scams including debt reduction, medical and prescription issues, and computers and technical support.

How does the Do Not Call works?

The National Do Not Call Registry is a database maintained by the United States federal government, which was created to stop unwanted sales calls. Telemarketing companies are forbidden to contact any number listed in this database, so if you want to make unwanted calls to stop, your first step should be adding your number to this list. You can do that anytime at for free, your registration will never expire.

What the DNC Registry won’t do for you?

To fully understand how the DNC Registry works, always keep on your mind that it isn’t a tool for blocking unwanted calls. It’s just a list telemarketing companies should look into before trying to call you.

However, there are also types of calls that are allowed, even if you are in the registry. Here’s their list:

  • political calls
  • charitable calls
  • debt collection calls
  • purely informational calls
  • surveys

How to get rid of robocalls for good?

If you get an illegal robocall, hang up. Don’t press buttons to be taken off a call list or to talk to a live person. It might lead to more unwanted calls. Instead, report it to the FTC.

The FTC also recommends you to download a call blocking app. In combination with the DNC Registry, it will help you to stop all incoming spam calls for good.

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