3 effective mind tricks scammers use to get your money

What tricks scammers use?The phone rings, you answer it… and just few minutes later, you’re reaching for your wallet, considering sending your money to a complete stranger. This could never happen to you, you say? Better read further.

According to statistics, every 7th phone call made in USA is spam (and a possible scam call as well). And that’s not a good news. Because scammers know their stuff. And they’re more and more resourceful. Every word they say, every cover story they use, it all leads to but one goal: to get you money.

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In this post, we cover:

3 most often mind tricks scammers use

1. They put you under pressure

Just think about it. Whenever you’re about to reach for your wallet (and it doesn’t matter if you want to buy a new car or just a pizza for your dinner), you always take your time for consideration. Isn’t the fuel consumption too high? Do you want olives or not?

On the contrary, when it comes to scam calls, we tend to be much less careful. It’s no wonder. Because once you start to really think about what you hear at the other end of the line, you can start having second thoughts. And scammers know that. So they don’t give you a chance to take your time and push you into immediate action, instead.

2. They have a great cover story

Don’t be mistaken. When a good scammer calls, you probably don’t recognize it at all (until it’s too late). Since scammers know our weaknesses. And they have done their homework as well.

This is the fact: whenever you visit a website, log in to your email, post an update on Facebook, or do any other activity online, you inevitably leave digital footprints that scammers can track and trace back to your identity. That’s why they know exactly what cover story to use, when speaking with you over the phone. A prize you won? A friend in despair? Or just taxes you „forgot“ to pay? Scammers use any story that works for them.

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3. They demand you to send your money immediately

It’s always the same scenario. They call you, convince you to pay – and then they push you to give them your money immediately. Without consideration. Sometimes they want you to send your money to their account, at other times they push you into putting your money on a gift card (like the iTunes card or a cash reload card).

To stay safe, always remember what the Federal Trade Commission says:

If anyone ever says you have to wire money or pay them with a gift card or cash reload card, that’s a scam. No matter who they say they are or how urgent it seems, stop.

Get rid of spam calls

Whenever someone calls, keep these three scam tactics in mind. Don’t fall for them. And just to be sure, get an effective spam blocker for your phone. Since this is the easiest way how to get rid of spammers for good.

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