How to block spam calls with the Should I Answer app

Beware of phone scam. Learn how to block spam callsSick of all those telemarketing or fake debt collectors’ calls? You don’t have to throw your phone away and run to the woods (yet). Just block all incoming spam calls instead. Read how you do that with the Should I Answer app.

Blocking spam calls is easy. And it will save you a lot of pain. Here’s how you do it, step by step.

1. Get the Should I Answer app

Yes, we know. There are a lot of different spam blockers these days. However, the Should I Answer app is different. It’s based on real community reviews (every day, it grows by 30 000 new reviews). And it’s also free for all Android users (the iOS users can try it for free for one month).

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2. Choose the Block negative calls option

By default, whenever a spam call comes, the Should I Answer app warns you against it. Not good enough for you? No problem. Just go to the app’s Settings and choose the Block negative calls option. And that’s it. Since now, spammers and telemarketers won’t reach you at all. You’re welcome! 🙂 

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