Who called? How to find out who called from an unknown number

Who called you? Let's find outDid you receive a call from an unknown number? Maybe it was somebody you know, maybe it was just another spam call – and now you don’t know if to call back. Here’s how to find out who called you.

Good news. With a little help of modern technologies, it’s getting really easy to find out who called you. At least to find out if it wasn’t another spam caller or scammer.

Find out who called you

So let’s do this! 

Step one: go to www.shouldianswer.com. Step two: type in the unknown number. Step three: find out who called. Done 🙂

-> Let’s find out who called

(Small tip: if using the Should I Answer app which protects you against all kind of spam calls, you can look the number up not only on-line, but in the app as well.)

How does it work?

It’s quick and it’s efficient. All thanks to the unique database the website (an the Should I Answer app) is using. It consists of all numbers reported to Do Not Call Registry, all numbers reported to Federal Communication Commision and all community reviews from the Should I Answer app and from our website.

This database grows by 30 000 reviews and reports day by day. So don’t worry, you really can count on it! 🙂