The key reason why you’re getting so many spam calls

many phone calls“Why am I getting so many spam calls? I have at least four per day. Even though I’m careful with who I give out my number to…” Is that you? Read why you’ve been getting so many robocalls lately.

They call you everyday. Sometimes they ring once, and stop, sometimes twice. Sometimes they wake you up at 5 a.m., sometimes they catch you at your dinner table. One day, they say you owe some money to the IRS, the other day, you hear only gibberish at the other end of the phone line. No matter what you do, robocallers never stop.

And it’s not only about all that nuisance. Robocalls (and spam calls in general) are often connected to dangerous fraud attempts, as we described in one of our posts

Why you are getting so many of them? The reason is simple. Robocallers are programmed to call a particular area code, then they call all numbers from 0000 to 9999. When they’re finished, they start with the next area code… and so on. In general, it has nothing to do with your number, because robocallers just call every number possible.

How to stop robocallers from calling?

  1. Don’t pick up

Even a single „hello“ you say to them will cause more robocalls coming your way. It’s because once robocallers find out your number is active, they move you to list of verified number – causing even more robocalls flooding your phone. Don’t press any buttons to be taken off a call list or to talk to a live person. Again, it might lead to more unwanted calls.

  1. Get a spam blocker

The FTC recommends you to download a call blocking app. It will help you to stop all incoming spam calls for good. Don’t know which call blocker to choose? Read these 3 reasons why you should install the Should I Answer app for your Android right now 🙂 

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