How do telemarketers convince you to buy what you don’t need at all

Telemarketing tricks that will make you buy what you don't needHave you ever been wondering why it’s so hard to say “no” to a telemarketer? In fact, the reason is simple. It’s because the telemarketer (especially the good one) always knows how to convince you to buy things you don’t need at all.

A friend of us once said that telemarketers are people who live of our suffering. We find it a little bit harsh (and, yes, funny in the same time), but hey – sometimes telemarketers really don’t cheer us up. Especially when they are forcing us to buy things we don’t need at all and to say “no” is harder than it looks like.

Why? It’s easy. Telemarketers are trained to say the right things in the right time, using only their phone. And they can do that hundred times a day. It’s no wonder we (as customers) are constantly losing.

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Don’t want to fall for their sweet talks next time? Let’s check the most usual tricks all good telemarketers do.

1. They ask you a lot of questions…

They ask, you answer… and then there’s no way out. Telemarketers know that, while they are talking, you will be probably sitting patiently, waiting for a break in the monologue so that you can politely hang up. So they don’t give you a chance to do that – and begin to ask. Once you start answering their question, you get engaged to the conversations… and then the battle is lost.

2. … but just some question

One of most essential telemarketing skills is closing the deal. And top telemarketers really know how to do it. The key here is not to give you a chance to say “no”. So they go usually like this: “You see how our product can save you money in the long run?” or “What type of credit card do you have?”

See what’s happening here? You don’t even get a chance to deny the offer. Instead, you keep answering a lot of minor questions… and then, even if you don’t know how, the deal is closed.

3. Third people stories

Customers hate meaningless and fake claims. And telemarketers know it. So instead of focusing on how much can their product improve your life, they share (usually) fake experience of their other clients. “You know, one of my good clients – a manager like you – told mi how much we helped him to solve problems like yours…

Don’t hear that for a first time? It’s no wonder, because sharing stories of “other people” is one of favourite telemarketer’s tools. Better be careful next time you hear it again.

Protection against (not only) telemarketing tricks

To be able to say “no” to a telemarketer – that’s one thing. But get rid of telemarketing completely – that’s a different story. Luckily, neither of it is impossible.

Nowadays, there are some useful utilities that can help you protect your mobile phone (and you as well) against not only telemarketing, but also against different kinds of phone scam and frauds. Try it for yourself with the Should I Answer app. It’s based on daily updated database of number’s reviews based on real experience, so you always know, who’s calling (even if hiding behind an unknown number). And if you want, the app can marketing calls block completely.

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