Your digital footprint will cost you time (and money, as well)

Your digital footprint cannot be unseenHave you been ever wondering where does the information telemarketers have about you come from? In fact, maybe it’s you who’s responsible. Read why.

Comments on friend’s Facebook posts, Skype calls, mobile apps or emails. Nowadays, all these things are part of who we are. And we consider all these things to be private, as well. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

When it comes to this internet stuff, all what we do (even when we think nobody can “see” us) becomes part of our digital footprint. And everything we do is easy to be found. By (almost) anybody (and yes, this is exactly how scammers and phone frauders get their “basics” before trying to scam you.)

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In this post, we cover:

Data for sale

But don’t get us wrong. It’s not only about looking up information specifically about you. Nowadays, it’s getting much more sofisticated.

It’s because a lot of owners and runners of internet services, mobile apps or even internet adverts make a living of selling their client’s personal information to third parties: for example to banks or telemarketing companies. Then, for those companies, it’s really easy to call you with a “personal offer you cannot deny”. And, well, it’s no wonder, since they already know almost everything about you.

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Digital footprint and how to make it less visible

Want to get rid of your digital footprint? Bad news. It’s not possible (unless you want to disconnect the internet completely). But, of course, there are ways how to make your footprint less visible.


Be cautious not only about what you publish, but also what websites are you actively using. Before signing up for a new web service or mobile app, carefully read its terms of use and make sure it won’t sell your personal information to someone else’s hands.


Try to use different email addresses when signing up for different websites. Otherwise you are easier to be found only by your email address. Try to choose rather anonymous nicknames than your real name, as well.

Get a protection against scammers

Getting rid of your digital footprint completely is not possible, but, luckily, there are other ways how to protect yourself against telemarketers and scammers who try to use your personal information against you. At least when it comes to your phone.

Download the community based Should I Answer app and it will help you get rid of all annoying spam calls. It will recognize them and, if you want to, it can block them as well.

And don’t worry: when you read the Should I Answer’s terms of use, you’ll find out that your personal data are perfectly safe with us 🙂


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