Scammers are after your social security number. Here’s how they trick you

Is there a solution to neighbor spoofing?Have you received any phone call from the Social Security Administration recently? If your answer is “yes”, then beware. Because maybe you’ve just fallen for a scam.

The scenario is usually the same. Your phone rings. And according to your caller ID it’s someone from the Social Security Administration (SSA) who’s calling.

So you answer it and then it goes like this. The caller says they work for the Social Security Administration and need your personal information (for example your Social Security number). If you don’t give away your personal information, they threaten to cut off your benefits. 

Don’t fall for this tactic. Because it’s likely that it’s not the real SSA who’s calling..

Don’t become a scam victim

Here are few things you need to know.

  1. Even though you see the SSA’s number on your caller ID, it’s not the real SSA who’s calling. Scammers that are “spoofing” the SSA’s number can call from anywhere, but they make your caller ID show a different number.
  2. Yes, even the real SSA can call you. However, they will never threaten you for information. They will never promise any benefits in exchange for information, either.
  3. If you have any doubt, hang up and call SSA directly.
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