Your phone can save your vacation. There’s at least 3 reasons

Phone on vacation. Is it a good idea?How can you tell the vacation season is finally approaching? Once again, internet bloggers instruct you to put down your phone for once and take in the beauty of the real world. What they usually don’t tell you, though, is that, in fact, sometimes your phone can save your vacation.

Yes, we know. According to recent surveys, an average American adult spends 2 hours, 51 minutes on their smartphone every day. That’s about 86 hours a month!

In this context, scientists often speak about the so called fear of missing out. Putting it simply, they’re speaking about fear of missing things friends are up to while we’re not online. It’s no wonder this phenomenon is closely connected to how often we tend to look at the display of our phone.

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On the other hand, a phone on vacation has some pros, as well. Here they are.

1. It navigates you around

Whether using Google Maps or any other maps app, it’s an essential help when travelling. Are you looking for a place to stay? Are you hungry? Do you need petrol or money? Use the app to navigate you around.

2. Food recommendations

Afraid of unknown food? With a mobile phone, you have nothing to worry about. You can use the Trip Advisor app (or another similar app) to find a list of restaurants nearby – with all ratings, prices and location.

3. It gives you freedom

Are you not happy with the place you’re supposed to stay to for the rest of your holiday? Just check one of those apps offering accommodation you’ve downloaded before – and tonight you can sleep hundreds of miles away from here.

Phone on vacation? A useful tip for all travellers

By the way, here’s one of the best time-proven travelhacks of all time. When planning your holiday, buy the cheapest prepaid phone, give the number only to your closest family and friends and download useful apps for travelling. You’ll be ready for emergencies, but out of range for everything else.

And don’t forget to download the free Should I Answer app as well. It will completely block all spammers and negative calls, sou you can really enjoy your days off.