Illegal robocall, or not? Here’s how you can tell

We improved our scammer databaseRobocalls are on the rise. Do you know which of them are legal? Learn how to tell. And get an ultimate protection against scam.

A “robocall” refers to any call in which you hear a prerecorded voice at the other end of the line. Even though some of them may be useful – for example those with prescription reminders – most of them are just annoying. And sometimes even illegal, as well.

The Do Not Call registry question

To tell an illegal robocall from a legitimate one is easy. If your name is listed in the Do Not Call Registry, and still they call you, it’s usually an illegal scam. 

It’s because this list won’t stop companies from calling you. The caller (who wants to sell you something) is just supposed to check it before making a phone call. And only legal telemarketing companies take this registry into consideration. Unlike scammers.

… but there are those political and charity calls

Of course, there’s a catch 🙂 The Do Not call registry restricts only “telephone solicitations”. It doesn’t apply to charities, politicians and political parties.

However, even a charity call can turn into a scam. Because scammers know how to avoid the law. So they’re posing as a representant of a legitimate charity. We described this tactic in one of our recent posts.

How to get rid of robocalls

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