Hurricane Florence: Here’s how you avoid donation scam

Beware of donation scam after hurricane Florence

Whipping winds, massive downpours, power outages and flooded houses. Millions of people have been struggling with effects of hurricane Florence. And thousands of others are willing to help, as well. Unfortunately, there are always people who use times of disaster as a golden opportunity to make a quick profit.

It’s tragic to see how many people have lost their homes. And of course I’m about to help. Nobody deserves to fight these things alone,” says one of many Americans who share their good will online.

Unfortunately, not everybody has such good intentions. So you should better be wary. Especially in times of distress.

Avoid donation scam after hurricane Florence

When you decide to support a cause you care about, you want your donation to count. So you should always be sure your donations go where they’ll do good. Here are 5 rules to follow if you don’t want to fall for scam.