How to survive social distancing? Stay connected, call your mom and get rid of scammers

Yes, social distancing can be tough. Not only you’re stuck at home, either alone or with everyone in your family, you’re also being told to step away from other people. How to survive? Here are some tips.

Humans are social beings, and even social distancing cannot change it. Which leads us to one important fact – social distancing does not mean social isolation. 

1. Stay online, stay connected

Nowadays, there are plenty of methods how to communicate without really meeting each other. You can still call, text or FaceTime with your friends. Don’t forget it, because, as experts say, loneliness can be very harmful even for perfectly healthy people.

2. Netflix and chill

Stay at home and save the world. A lot of people are relying on streaming services for entertainment more than ever right now. By the way, Internet Advisor has recently created this interesting article about Netflix, so make sure to have a look at it!  

3. Call your mom

Let your family know you’re ok. And ask them how are they doing themselves. Not only you’re make them happy, you can also make sure they have the latest safety information.

4. Block scammers from your life

Save your time for those who really matter. Download the community based Should I Answer app and get rid of all annoying spam calls (and also coronavirus scam calls). The app will recognize them and, if you want to, it can block them before they even reach you.

5. Stay safe

Wash your hands, eat healthy food, sleep well, and do a little bit of exercise every day. And most importantly: don’t panic, together we will make it 🙂