How to say “no” to spammers with the Should I Answer app. Simply disallow (or reject) them

We improved our scammer databaseDealing with spammers can be simple. In case you really know how to say your “good bye” loud and clear.

It’s the Should I Answer app that makes a difference. It check all incoming calls for you, and if it’s another robocaller or spammer who’s trying to reach you, it blocks them before they even call. Clear and simple, right?

Let’s have a closer look on how it works.

When using the new Should I Answer app, you can either let all incoming calls go through (and let the app warn you if a spammer is trying to call you), or block all incoming spam calls in advance. In both cases, once an unknown call is coming, the app looks into its daily updated database of almost every spam calls ever made.

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If it’s a spam number that’s calling, the Should I Answer app warns you. Or, if you prefer to, it blocks the spammers immediately, so you don’t have to bother with them at all.

Choose how to block spam calls

Should I Answer for Android offers 3 ways how to block unwanted calls. In Settings, you can set the app to disallow call, reject call or pick & hang call.

  • Disallow: the call is silently canceled on your side, but it seems on the caller’s side that the phone is still ringing.
  • Reject: the call will be disconnected as if the user had manually rejected it. The calling party will hear the busy signal.
  • Pick & hang: the call will be accepted, but the app will hung up in the same second.

And for for other important part. Which setting won’t send the caller to the voicemail? It depends on how you have configured the call redirection with your phone provider. Almost every phone provider offers some way how to change the behavior of call redirection. In most cases, you won’t be able to change this directly from your mobile phone. If you don’t know where to find it, call your phone operator’s support and ask them.

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