Does the Should I Answer app block all spam calls?

Block spam callsYes and no. But let’s be a little more specific 🙂

The Should I Answer app is a useful tool. It recognises incoming spam calls and according to your preferences, it either warns you against them or blocks them completely. How does it work?

Understanding Should I Answer app

The Should I Answer app uses its own database of spam numbers. This daily updated databases has three sources: all numbers reported to Do Not Call Registry, all numbers reported to Federal Communication Commision and, most importantly, all community reviews from the Should I Answer app and from our website. Nowadays, the app grows by 30 000 new reports every day.

Whenever an unknown call comes, the app looks into this database. If it finds out the caller has been reported as “spam”, it warns you. Or it block the call before the caller even reaches you.

Why do some spam calls go through?

As you can see, the app blocks only those spam calls that have been already reported as negative (usually by other members of the Should I Answer app community). If nobody has reported the number yet, the call won’t be blocked.

What should I do if a spam call goes through?

Report it by yourself. Not only this number won’t reach you again (because it will be marked as a spam in the database), you also help to protect other users. (Because that’s the way the Should I Answer app works: by reporting spam you protect others. And you get protected thanks to other users’ reports.)

Or, of course, you can always block the single number (tap on it in the app and choose the Block option). However, this single blocking won’t add the number to the spam database, it just blocks it only for you.

Is this “reporting-by-community-stuff” even effective?

It’s not only effective. It’s the most effective way how to react to the growing threat of spam and robocalls. Because the real people are always the first to know when a new threat appears.

And there’s more to it. We’ve always believed in human right to privacy. Which is the reason we didn’t want to create our spam database the way some other spam blockers do – by uploading each and every contact from your phone’s contact list to their servers.

Unlike these apps, the Should I Answer app works strictly on an anonymous basis. We’re interested neither in your phone number, nor in your phone contacts. So those information stay safe in your mobile phone, they’re never sent to our servers. With us, you don’t have to pay for protection with your privacy.

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