Worse than usual robocalls. How to get rid of ringless voicemail?

How to get rid of ringless voicemail?Do you find robocalls annoying? Beware: there’s something even worse coming your way: robocalls you cannot decline.

Telemarketers (and scammers, as well) are resourceful. And they always find a way how to invade our personal space. First, there were robocalls. Then they’ve tried to trick us with their spoofed numbers. And when we started getting used to it, they came with smishing.

Nowadays, it’s getting even more serious. It’s because spammers has found another tactics: they send their robocalls directly to your voicemail – without even causing your phone to ring.

In this post, we cover:

What is the ringless voicemail?

„Direct-to-voicemail“ spam is just another (and more malicious) telemarketer’s method how to force you to listen to their pre-recorded voice message. Usually it’s about product sales or event reminders, but regardless the topic, the biggest problem with this kind of spam is how invasive and unavoidable it is.

Since you literally cannot avoid it. The telemarketers and spammers found their way directly to your voicemail, so, in order to leave a message in your voicemail, they even don’t have to call you. Instead, they use automated direct voicemail broadcasting mechanism and send the message directly to your voicemail.

Which is a bad news. Because once you cannot decline the call, you cannot protect yourself against it, either.

How to get rid of the ringless voicemail?

So far, there’s no effective way how to get rid of the ringless voicemail completely (since when there’s no incoming phone call, there’s no protection, either).

Just for you to know…

… even when no call is made, the voicemail messages are subject to the same Telephone Consumer Protection Act’s restrictions as any regular call. Besides other consequences, it means that such messages can be illegal if your phone number is listed on the FTC‘s Do Not Call list. Read more information.

But there’s at least one thing you can try. Explicitly ask your mobile service provider to block „direct-to-voicemail“ messages for your number. Even though your provider probably won’t be happy with this solution (since they also earn money from this „ringless“ business), it should work.

By the way, in comparison to ringless voicemail, getting rid of regular robocalls is much easier. Just download an effective and free spam blocker. Works anytime, for millions of people all around the world 🙂