Who called from an unknown number? Find out in 5 seconds

Did an unknown number call you? Maybe it was someone you know, maybe just another nuisance telemarketing call. Learn how to find out.

For starters, there’s some good news. Finding out who called (or making sure it wasn’t just another harassing telemarketing call) has been really easy nowadays. All you need to do is following these three steps.

  1. Step one: go to www.shouldianswer.com.
  2. Step two: type in the unknown number that called you.
  3. Step three: find out who called. … aaaand done 🙂

Here’s a little tip for you: if you are using the Should I Answer app to protect yourself from nuisance calls, you don’t need to go to the website at all. You can easily find any number through the app itself.

How does it work?

Looking up unknown numbers is fast and efficient, thanks to the unique database of phone numbers that both the website and the Should I Answer app use. The database, which has been growing successfully for several years, is based on real people’s reviews of millions of phone numbers. Users add them either through the Should I Answer app or simply directly on the site.

The database has been growing by 30,000 new reviews every day.