Summer spam is coming. Here’s what you should be careful about in 2019

Phone on vacation. Is it a good idea?Yes, we know. When thinking about your summer plans, you probably have nothing but sun, trips and beaches on your mind. However, before you head out for your long-awaited holiday, take a few moments to read following lines. At least if you want to avoid three of most usual summer scams.

Scammers never take their rest. Especially not when summer comes. In fact, according to statistics, summer seems to be one of their most favourite time of the year (right after the tax season). So we made some digging to find out what are the most usual summers scams you should be wary about. Read on.

1. Free vacation offer

It usually starts like this. You pick up the phone to receive the wonderful news – you’ve won a free vacation! But then you remember – you didn’t enter a contest, so how could have it happened?

Here’s an important fact: these „free vacation“ offers don’t have to be necessarily scam. However, it’s a huge grey area. Since even when you get your free trip in the end, there are always a lot of „buts“.

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2. Fake insurance offers

The scammers often use our biggest fears and interests against us. Especially before holidays – which is usually the time we leave our homes to experience what we never have before.

The scammers know that, so they use our biggest fears and interests against us. And insurance offers are their popular field. Remember: although not all insurance offers you receive via phone call are a scam, be super careful when answering the phone. Since it’s always better safe than sorry.

Here are some useful tips for you:

  • Always ask who precisely is calling you.
  • If you are interested in their offer, ask them to send it to you via email.
  • Hang up, look for more details online and if you’re still interested, call back.
  • Get an efficient spam blocker (for Android or for iOS)

3. An offer you cannot deny

Your phone rings and once you answer it, you hear something like this. A nice guy on the other end of the phone line has a warning for you – there was a recent rash of burglaries in your neighborhood. But it’s your lucky day. Because you’re given a new home security system – totally for free.

Does it sound too good to be true? You’re right. Since this is a scam. Because before you receive your new security system you’ve been promised, they require you to sign a long term contract for the company’s monitoring services.

Don’t fall for it. Never buy a security system from someone who’s just called. If you really need a new security alarm system, do your research online instead. And whenever someone calls claiming they’re your current provider, verify with the company before signing anything.

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