Is somebody spoofing your number? Here’s what you can do

many phone callsAt first, you get just a few calls. Or random texts asking you why have you called. But then the calls start to get more frequent. You also begin to receive some unpleasant voicemails. “Stop calling me, you ______!” 


Don’t worry, you’re not making any mysterious phone calls in your sleep. The fact is that your phone number has probably been spoofed.

Spoofed numbers. What does it mean?

Telemarketing companies (or even scammers) are often using numbers with a local area code to call other people in the same area code. The reason is simple – people are more likely to respond if they see a local number. And if you’re not lucky enough, telemarketers can easily use your number to hide behind as well.

How do you stop them from spoofing your number?

The fact is that there is no ultimate way how to protect your number against being spoofed. The only real immediate step you can take is to change your number. But what to do if you don’t want to change your number? Take these two steps:

  1. Explain it in voicemail

Let all unknown calls go to voicemail, and leave a simple message there. Let people know what is happening to you and suggest that if the caller is receiving telemarketing calls from your number that they block you. 

  1. Get a call blocker

Use an app to block incoming calls from people not in your contact list. The app will block the incoming call from an unknown number and send it straight to your voicemail. In the long run your number becomes less desirable for spoofing. And finally, the telemarketer will move on to some other number. 

By the way, a call blocker will help you even if you are on the other side of the barricade – if you are receiving spoofed calls from telemarketers