3 reasons why you should install the Should I Answer app for your Android right now

Block spam callsStill not sure which spam blocker to choose? Here are 3 reasons why you should install the Should I Answer app, one of the most popular call blocking apps in the world,  to your Android phone right now.

1. The SIA app blocks all incoming spam calls

The Should I Answer app uses its own database of spam numbers. This daily updated databases has three sources: all numbers reported to Do Not Call Registry, all numbers reported to Federal Communication Commision and, most importantly, all community reviews from the Should I Answer app and from our website. Nowadays, the app grows by 30 000 new reports every day.

Whenever an unknown call comes, the app looks into this database. If it finds out the caller has been reported as “spam”, it warns you. Or it block the call before the caller even reaches you.

–> How to say “no” to spammers with the Should I Answer app. Simply disallow (or reject) them

2. The SIA app values your privacy

The Should I Answer app works strictly on an anonymous basis. We’re interested neither in your phone number, nor in your phone contacts. Those information stay safe in your mobile phone, they’re never sent to our servers.

Here’s the full list of the permissions the Should I Answer app needs to work properly:

  • Access to your contacts: Without this permission we are not able to distinguish which number is unknown to you. However, everything happens only in your phone, we never send your contacts’ information to our servers (and what’s more, we don’t even really „see“ them).
  • Access to call log and call history: Without this permission we are not able to check if and which number is calling. Again, it all happens only in your phone.
  • Set the application as default phone application: Without this permission we are not able to grant that the app will work without problems.

3. The SIA app is free for your Android

Our main point for developing this application was to help in fight against unfair practices and phone harassment. So everyone can use the app and benefit from it without any fee. We keep this project running from voluntary contributions of our users and from adds on the shouldianswer.com web pages.

–> Get the app for free (Android)