Get rid of one ring phone scam. With these 4 easy steps

one ring phone scamImagine this. Your phone rings and then, suddenly, it stops. What would you do? One thing is clear: be cautious before calling back. Unless you want to fall for one ring phone scam.

It goes by several names: as the missed call scam, the ring and run scam or the dial-and-disconnect scam. However, the scenario is always the same. Your phone rings once and then it stops. Why? It’s easy. The scammers hope you’ll call back, either because you believe a legitimate call was cut off, or because you’re curious about who called.

However, if you return the call, you’re connected to a phone number outside the United States, often in Canada or the Caribbean. And yes, the bill for this single call will be enormous.

–> This is how scammers change their number and hide their identity

How to protect yourself against the one ring phone scam

There are two things you can do to avoid this scam. First, simply just stop answering all missed calls. Or get an effective call blocker – such as the Should I Answer app.

Over other call blockers, it has one huge benefit: a unique database of spam numbers, created by the community of users itself. This database grows by 30 000 reports every day, which means one thing: the app can react to spammers more quickly than a common call blocker does.

General rule: Read your phone bill often – line by line. If you don’t recognize or understand a charge, contact your carrier. (Federal Trade Commission)

Get rid of one ring phone scam with the Should I Answer app

  1. Get the Should I Answer app, either for Android or for your iOS mobile.
  2. Run the app and choose the Block negative calls option.
  3. Whenever a fraud number tries to call you, the app blocks it in advance.
  4. If the spam number isn’t in our database yet, you can report it as a spam by adding a negative review.

And that’s it! No more one ring phone scam from now 🙂