“Hello, this is Donald Trump calling.” Robocallers are posing as politicians now

Videographer making video of businessmanImagine this. Your phone rings, you answer it and then you hear the most unexpected voice. Like Nancy Pelosi’s or even Donald Trump’s himself.

2020 election campaigns are already upon us and political issues have become a hot topic. Robocallers know that, so they’re using political topics to lure us into conversation over phone and, as a result, also into one of their scams.

How does the political scam looks like?

Robocalls are nothing new. However, the technology has improved, and, nowadays, the robocallers can sound exactly like prominent politicians. Once they’re sure they keep you on the line, they start to discuss political issues with you (especially popular has been the “border wall” topic). And, finally, they ask you to make donation to their cause.

Avoid the political scam

  1. Whenever you receive a call from unknown number, be careful. Always be aware that scammers can spoof numbers to make them look like legitimate calls.
  2. Never share your personal information over phone. If you want to donate, go directly to the official website of the subject you want to donate to.
  3. Get a reliable scam blocker, for example the worldwide popular Should I Answer app for Android. It will block all incoming scam calls for you, so you don’t have to deal with scammers anymore.

How does it work? The Should I Answer app uses its own database of spam numbers. This daily updated databases has three sources: all numbers reported to Do Not Call Registry, all numbers reported to Federal Communication Commission and, most importantly, all community reviews from the Should I Answer app and from our website. Nowadays, the app grows by 30 000 new reports every day.

Whenever an unknown call comes, the app looks into this database. If it finds out the caller has been reported as “spam”, it warns you. Or it blocks the call before the caller even reaches you.

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