Why call blocking does not work on all phones?

The answer is very simple. It’s because Android OS doesn’t support call blocking. It’s not possible to implement this functionality using public API. So to make it work, the private API is used instead with little hacking. Unfortunately as with most non-system (read “fully supported”) solutions this does not work for all phones. It can also work with some limitations or inconvenience like short ring before the call is blocked – it depends on your mobile phone hardware and software configuration. Shortly it’s something that we (as developers) really can’t change, don’t blame us.

Due to such blocking issues we do sometimes receive 1-star or 2-star rating on Google Play, or angry feedback by email from users. We are really sorry for any issue appearing, but this specific kind of issue is mission impossible for us as the app developers. Only Google as Android OS developer has power sufficient to change the system behavior of this functionality on the level of the operating system Android itself.

From our experience there are some problems related to specific phone models which affect in fact just a very low number of users. If you are the unlucky one, there is still no need to uninstall our application. It will be still useful without the blocking function! The application can display all kind of alerts for any incoming call so you will be able to decide if you should answer by yourself ;-).

Our app has one of the highest app rating in its category…4.8! It’s achieved thanks to our hard work, great users’ feedbacks and big app community building one of the best protection against all kinds of phone spam. Thank you all!
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