Version 2016.7 is here!

Database is growing faster and faster..

This version contains new community database storage engine. Our database is growing fast, but thanks to this update the database size will have little impact to phone resources usage.  Main part of the database is stored in application resources in highly optimised form. Updates are downloaded in form of incremental updates. To achieve best results we will release new app build containing fresh main database part once per month. That’s why we are changing app versioning to YEAR.Month.Build. Please keep your application updated to keep resource usage as low as possible.

It’s not easy to keep app running

New version contains notification about calls which were not tested by our app. Most often it’s because some manufacturer or 3rd party tool stopped our app. Please if you are using any Memory Manager/Optimiser or antivirus with integrated optimiser, don’t forget to whitelist our app to keep your protection running.

Import/Export reinvented

Next feature is brand new Import/Export system. We removed sending data via email, because it was too problematic for part of the users which does not use gmail client. New Import/Export feature temporarily stores data on our server, so transfering rules should be much easier now.

That’s enough…for now…

If you will have any questions or bug reports feel free to contact our support.

Thank you for using our software!

Your SIA Dev Team