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Should I answer the call? This question can come into a mind of every person who sees an unknown incoming call. Each of us had (or will have) the opportunity to face the unsolicited call, telemarketing campaign, advertisement or some kind of fraud call.

How should we find out that the calling number is harmless and answering it will not cost us tens of minutes of precious time or significant amount of money?

“Should I answer” is free security application for mobile phones with Android operating system designed to protect you against unsolicited calls. It offers few levels of protection starting with simple warnings for unsolicited call to their automatic blocking.

Protection levels:

Calling number check and display

If the calling number is not saved within your mobile contacts, the number evaluation, its category and user reviews for this number are automatically displayed. The evaluation and our final rating for tis number is displayed before you pick up so you are notified in time what was the rating of other users for this number from their previous experience. The number can be rated as positive, neutral or negative. The individual comments can be swiped by finger to the left or right. By drawing the finger up the rating can be hidden. After reading the comments you decide either to pick up or not. Detail settings of this functionality can be found in Settings.

Canceling of the negative-ranked numbers

If you activate this feature in the Settings all the incoming calls from numbers with negative ranking will be automatically cancelled and you will see the global message informing you about the blocked call in the notification area. In the main menu then you can find info how many call were blocked with possibility to check all the calls – incoming numbers. This level of protection is perfect for protection of elderly people against telemarketing or for every person who is regular target of telemarketing of any kind and who doesn’t want to spend precious time or money on such calls.

Canceling of calls from numbers not saved as your contact

When this option is enabled each number not saved within your contacts will be automatically canceled and consequently a message is displayed in the notification area. The application main menu then displays the global info how many calls were blocked with possibility to show the blocked numbers. This level is recommended for e.g. protection of your children against unknown callers and unsolicited calls or for users who don’t want to be bothered by calls from unknown numbers. If you enable this option on mobile phones belonging to your parents or grandparents it will save a lot of problems in the future with unsolicited telemarketing.

If you have found some of these protection levels interesting for your use or to be used by your relatives do not hesitate to download the application to your phone for free. It can be found at


How is the database of ratings and numbers created?

The database is built-up by the community of all users who have the application installed and/or visiting the application pages. The users can anonymously send ratings and reviews for public phone numbers (we do not collect info for private numbers) based on real answered calls. These ratings are stored in central server database where our admins can check them and after evaluation and approval the reviews with ranking are then distributed to all mobile phones with our application installed.

How you can join and help?

Bigger community brings more information and higher level of protection. There is no better or more effective kind of protection against unsolicited calls then in-time delivered accurate information about harmfulness of the given number. Send a link for this application to your friends, help to build the database by writing the reviews for numbers you have answered and help to improve the security.

Why the application demands access to contacts and phone calls in my mobile?

Such information are used by the application to distinguish between your private contacts stored in your mobile and new incoming calls – so the rating form is displayed only for new  not rated/not private numbers in your history. Your private contacts are never sent to server (generally speaking they never leave your mobile).

Does the application require internet connection, and what amount of data is transferred?

If the phone is connected to internet the application tries to perform the incremental update of the database (only new reviews and ratings are downloaded) – amount of such data is just a few kilobytes. If the phone is not connected to internet and last database update is older than 2 days user is notified on the main application screen for a possibility to update the database by mobile data means.

Is the application available also for other platforms?

The application is actually available only for mobile phones with Android operating system. Other platforms (iPhone, tablet, PCs, …) connected to internet can freely profit from our internet pages where everyone can manually search info for unknown numbers. Pages can be found at