Since Now SHOULDIANSWER Offers Even More Powerful Tools Combating Nuisance Calls

27698478_sWe collected a lot of inputs to improve SHOULDIANSWER application so that it delivers higher value to its users. Consequently, there is a new version for anyone who would like to fight against unwanted nuisance calls, unsolicited telemarketing or fraudulent phone. Legal way is often lengthy and inefficient. The software solution is compared to legislation enforcement very flexible and effective.

In the new version, several features were updated and some added. For clarity, we present all the news grouped according to their focus, such as user interface, protection against unsolicited calls, building a database or community support. The result is that users can have a very powerful tool against nuisance calls, which can be easily customized to suit their needs.

Let’s see what improvements are in our new version:



  • Redoing the main screen to tabs
  • Redoing settings on tabs
  • Support swipe to switch tabs
  • Adjusting notifications to support Android5 features





  • Blocking anonymous incoming calls
  • Blocking outgoing calls to negatively rated numbers (if not in your contacts)
  • Blocking outgoing calls to premium numbers (if not in your contacts)
  • Blocking outgoing calls to abroad (if not in your contacts)





  • Applications welcome screen describes levels of protection offered

       * Basic level – shows ratings of incoming calls but does not automatically block any incoming or outgoing call.

       * Medium level – shows ratings, blocks incoming calls from hidden numbers and outgoing calls to premium rate numbers.

       * High level – blocks incoming / outgoing calls to / from negative rated phone numbers and calls to foreign countries.




  • Main page footer contains information how to help in community building

By clicking on the footer of the applications main page will appear  an invitation to support the SHOULDIANSWER community that displays the following options:

               * Rate the app by 5 stars, which directs you to the application page on Google Play

               * Send anonymous statistics about unknown incoming calls that lead you to Settings

               * Write a review for unknown incoming calls

               * Recommend this application to your friends





  • Sending anonymous statistics about incoming calls that are not in your contacts

This feature can be turned on in the Settings. While enabling this feature, phone numbers stored in the call history would be sent to our processing, except for those numbers stored in your contact list.

               This will help us:

               * discover new phone numbers that performs unsolicited nuisance calls and

               * find out which of the already known unsolicited phone numbers are the most active.


Enabling this feature will help us capture more phone numbers that would be with high probability rated as negative. Help us to create even more powerful database and thus even more effectively combat nuisance calls from telemarketers and scammers.



If you would like to suggest a feature that you are missing in the application, or send a message about what you do not like, we will be happy if you send your contributions at As well as pays for any service or product that its success is based on customer satisfaction, SHOULDIANSWER also tries to listen to the demands of its users. Our development team will be very glad for your valuable feedback. We will endeavor to respond to your requests in the upcoming version.

If you are not using SHOULDIANSWER yet,

download it for free at Google Play.