Should I Answer version 6

Chobotnice-party_512x512pxWe are proud to announce the “Should I Answer” version 6. During this summer we were working hard to push our Android app to next level. Version 6 brings simplified but more powerful user interface and almost completely rewrite of the app core parts.

Our version 5 was rated 4.8/5.0 on Google Play with more than 11,000 reviews. It’s great result and with bigger community and bigger database the results could be even better. Dark side of this growth is bigger database which – for the CPU of your mobile – demands more memory and more time for load.

Say Hi to new database
Even with manual switching of the database by country the load times started to grow fast. We also found switching of the database unpopular and confusing for some users… Version 6 addresses this issues by using our own database solution – one global database. Fast load times and NO switching between countries is here!

Block Rules on one place
We found the configuration of call blocking not so easy to understand for some users. Previously, there were some internal rules, Protection Settings and Private Block list. From users’ point of view – some magic mix of blocking rules. Version 6 introduces the Block Rules section containing all rules in single and simple list. You can enable/disable predefined rules or create your own on the same screen.

All Logs together
“Call History” and “Blocked Calls” are now combined in one section “Logs”. “Logs” are now similar to system logs enhanced by our ratings and block information. Detailed description can be found in Online Manual.

Simplified User Interface
“Settings” screens were compacted to a single section and moved to main tabs. Adding phone number review is now more compact as part of the Phone Number Rating section. Terms of Use, Privacy, Online Manual, Contacts can be easily found in our “About” section.

Online Manual
We have also prepared online manual for detailed explanation of all parts of the application. If you find some questions still unanswered even after reading it, feel free to contact us at

Where to download new version?
We will release new version slowly to catch all bugs as soon as possible. If you don’t want to wait, you can join our beta channel.