Should I Answer on Huawei devices

This article address issues with running ShouldIAnswer app on Huawei devices. Huawei devices contains many Android modifications and own user interface called EMUI.

Issue: Protection is not running

Included phone optimisations tools are very agressive and terminates almost all processes. ShouldIAnswer app is also matter if running as Foreground Service or not! If the ShouldIAnswer is killed  by this way, system will not start it again and app can’t protect you against unwanted calls.


To keep protection running you must add ShouldIAnswer app into Protected Apps.. List of protected apps can be accessed in Settings>Protected Apps or Phone Manager>Settings>Protected Apps. You can also find many useful information in our general article How to keep protection agains unwanted calls active.

Issue: All outgoing calls are blocked

Some huawei devices contains strange error which terminates all outgoing calls when any application has registered broadcast receiver for NEW_OUTGOING_CALL


Open ShouldIAnswert Settings tab and disable “Use Outgoing Call Receiver”