Should I Answer 8.0 is HERE!

ic_launcherShould I Answer 8.0 is slowly rolling out to our users. What’s new? Almost everything!

Once Upon A Time
App development started in dark times. That time all Android devices had white text on black background as a default theme. That’s why the dark theme for our app was chosen. Everyone was happy…until the day which changed everything…new Android version has come and switched to light theme and we knew we must prepare the light theme too. Version 8 brings Light & Dark themes, easily switchable in the settings.

Beware! Snowball is rolling down!
During the development we were listening carefully to our users’ feedback and implemented many new features. We added the first, next one, another one which resulted in very complex user interface. Version 8 brings brand new interface with configuration divided into 4 sections: Ratings, Alerts, Blocking and Settings.

Community Database is growing fast!
As our community grows the database of unwanted numbers is growing faster and faster. This is great news for users, because application will provide even better protection. On the other hand, a bigger database needs more phone resources…so how to solve this situation?  Version 8 introduces its own engine for storing and searching the database.  If needed, just a small slices of the database are loaded into the phone memory on demand thus the new version has much lower memory and phone storage usage. Also searching in the database is much faster and uses less processor time.

Give me more details!
Best way how to find  how new version looks and works is to read our app user manual.  Please feel free to send us any comments, ideas and bug reports to

We hope you will enjoy it and benefit from it. Thank you!
Should I Answer Dev Team