Should I Answer 7.4

Version 7.4 is released with support for SMS blocking! Android OS allows block SMS to default SMS manager only. So implementation of the SMS blocking means implementation of complete SMS manager. Building SMS manager from scratch, evolving and bugfixing would take endless hours. We tried to solve it diferently…we searched the Google Play and found best free opensource SMS manager and sent proposal for cooperation. QKLabs today released QKSMS manager version 2.4.0. This version supports filtering of SMS via ShouldIAnswer app. ShouldIAnswer 7.3 users should see the option for SMS filtering in the app settings soon. (after db update).

Version 7.3 also contains better customization of filters and blocking of outgoing calls. Dosen bugs have been smashed.

We hope you will find changes useful…Let us know to

ShouldIAnswer Team