Razor Starring – I Was Robbed When Lying in Bed

29882606_sSHOULDIANSWER would like to share a story of one of our clients, where a razor played a major role. Read about the real deal that stood behind a phone call, whose content was briefly described as follows:

„It started as a survey. They offered Swiss razor which should be delivered within three weeks. I should pay the packing and postage only, which makes about 30 USD. Furthermore, every two months, or once a year they will send you a new shaving head. The shaver can be returned if you describe a negative reason.“

The full story below was written some time after the call, so it can be already funny, but when it happened, the client was really very annoyed.

Sunday morning I was still lying in my bed and reading a book, when I received a call. I picked it up and a woman start talking to me very friendly, she told me she conducts some survey and if I will not mind, if the talk will be recorded. Then she asked me if I prefer to use a shaver or a razor and told me they offer some excellent technology.

She inquired if I would like to try a new Swiss razor for free. She said it would be delivered within three weeks and all that is needed is only to pay the packing and postage, which makes about 30 USD. She also said they can send every two months, or once a year a new shaving head.

I have my Braun shaver very old. There is no super lift and cut technology for close and comfortable shave that automatically adjusts to every face curve. There is no special blade system or ergonomically designed grip for easy handling and all the attractive features that every modern shaving system can and of course that every modern man has. So I said “ok, I will try it”.

In three weeks as promised, the parcel arrived. I paid those 30 USD and discovered that instead of an electric shaving machine, there was a neatly wrapped razor. It was actually the most expensive razor I have ever paid for.


21745416_sInformation provided by the woman was given in such an order that it led me to believe it goes about an electric shaver. The woman was very well prepared; she talked with more man and knew how to lead the conversation and answer any questions. The phone call was made within a few minutes and once I agreed with the offer and the call was terminated, there was no possibility changing it.

If the call is being recorded, verbal confirmation has the same value such as signing a contract. And surprisingly, if you call back, there is no one who would have a chat with you about withdrawing from the contract.

The call starts with introductory questions for creating a friendly atmosphere. People who are alone are happy that someone chats with them but this social contact may prove to be highly paid. Rather call your granddaughter how is she.

The adjective Swiss helps to think of the product as of a quality product. There is no point to agonize over negative reasons on the basis of which the very special Swiss razor technology could be returned to its seller. The only true information from the call was the delivery time of the razor and the amount of money this moment irretrievably disappeared from my wallet.

For gaining this valuable experience, I paid several hundred dollars. I was lucky I did not opt for the shaving head delivery once two months. But there are also scams that can cause loss of life savings. Anyway, those 30 USD could be invested in a Philips shaver with clean&charge station using an alcohol-based cleaning fluid for eliminating bacteria!


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