April Fools’ Day and Scam Phone Calls

37470972_sWe are approaching first day of April, which is the day when people celebrates April Fools’ Day by doing practical jokes and hoaxes. On this occasion SHOULDIANSWER would like to point out that there is a difference between practical jokes and hoaxes or confidence tricks. By the practical joke, the victim finds out it goes about a joke and the joke is passed along in a good intent. Confidence tricks or hoax fooled people into handing over money or non-monetary valuables. It goes about deliberate lying, fabricated that it looks like the truth.

The following are funny posts by negatively evaluated phone numbers, as you can find on the SHOULDIANSWER website. The reviews are written by users who take unsolicited phone calls with grace and thus they look like they could be written just on April Fools’ Day. But the true is that you can receive these hoax calls not only on the April Fools’ Day but during the whole year. Under some of these funny phone number reviews you can easily sense a scam.

Enjoy reading the funny posts!


I Won A Free Trip To The Bahamas!! I Hate telemarketers.

Even if you say you do not shave and wear full beard, you pay “only” some 30 dollars for packing and postage…and a razor using some Swiss technology is for “free”.

Allegedly pharmaceutical company and it even gives a present for free.   😉

When asking the caller where she gained my address, she replayed that the company have bought it from the state!?!

After picking up the call, a short jingle played and then it switched off. Just after that, a sms arrived, saying that the price of the call-message was over five euro!?!10858898_s

Women called and asked me a question. When I politely rejected because I was busy at work, she replied why do I answer the call?!?

I was told some important changes in my insurance contract need to be made. The changes are so individual, that they are hard to email. They will come directly to my house the same day, as they have way around :)

A XYZ company, population satisfaction survey shield by European statistical office, categorization of the addressed recipient based on his income… A decent person cannot have a proper chat with them.

Misses with some foreign accent called. When I refused to continue the call because of work, she was unpleasant and said that she works at the moment too.

Phone scam? When someone like this calls, it is ideal to interrupt the person and notify, that the call is monitored and charged tens of dollars, pounds or Euros per minute. Usually, they hang up 😉

They called with an offer for some service, trying to force discount card. The woman did not go to silence; so I had to turn her off.


Do not just rely on your judgment or common sense. Nowadays, fraudsters can be very sophisticated. Once you will be cheated you will not only be the April Fool but you may lose some money, so you will not find it funny.

April Fool’s Day pranks can catch and embarrass.  If you are not fortified against unsolicited telephone calls, you should rather consider downloading SHOULDIANSWER application. SHOULDIANSWER can be found for free at Google Play. With SHOULDIANSWER you will never become an April Fool, and this pays not only for the April the first, when the April Fools’ Day is celebrated :)